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Who are we?

We all have many years of individual experience from various private server projects, most of us raided together on Kronos, where we have cleared everything from Ragnaros to Kel'thuzad.

We aim to get the fastest clear times and realm first in all the raid tiers on Ten Storms.


We give this game our best shot in all regards, that is grinding bis-gear, profession choise, leveling summoning alts, enchants and consumables for max raid utility, install standard addons for raid intelligence and follow raidleaders' strategy and guidance

We clear all raid-content every reset in max two raidnights, Wedneysday and Monday. Once in a while we have a speedrun, where consumable usage are expected to be a little higher.

We use Discord for planning and communication. We use Loot Council to fairly distribute items based on individual - as well as - team effort.